Sunday, November 12, 2017

Westside showing signs of being a sleeper

One thing I know about Westside no matter what type of squad they suit up, they're going play baseline to baseline from start to finish and to be honest, this is a very scrappy squad that could make a run. Kayla Pilson, Jordan Lewis, Shanna Petty, Yasmine Aragunjo and Jessica Soders  get the ball going, pun intended , and the return of 6'4 Fatou Samb will definitely have them in the hunt. The lost a close one to Katy in the SBISD Championship however I can't wait to see this squad at full strength and I'll catch them this Thursday in the Texas Invitational

I'll also get another look at this talented young lady, Aldine's Cherilyn Williams, a very talented unsigned senior that I hadn't seen, smh for a number of reasons including players being hid in the summer but live and learn folks and I'll catch her in the AISD Tournament on Friday