Thursday, December 12, 2013

Prestonwood Christian Academy Tournament kicks off Metroplex trifecta

2015 Brooke Alexander's game expanded over the past season and college coaches have also taken notice and she's one of the reasons why my three day weekend starts at the tournament her PCA school is hosting. Alexander pulled a Jeffersons' over the summer as she continued "Movin On Up" the GPR Texas list of prospects

There's also a player, I know so well and that young lady is Cori Scnell. Schnell not only happens to be an explosive sophomore that caught my eye during Prime Time Nationals as not just a next level player but D1. She's Under The Radar, well sort of because even though I rhyming a lot, someone else did a few rhymes on his way to some TKO's and is known as one of, if not the best. I see it early, I call it early, Cori is legit

Alexander and Schnell aren't the only players I've watched take their games to another level, how about Sara Williams, point guard from HSAA, who I've seen quite a bit of over the last season. A possible match-up between Schnell and Williams could be waiting for me when I arrive tomorrow for 4:30 game followed by maybe a  6:30  showdown between Parish Episcopal and PCA.

Until this year, Parish hasn’t been among the contenders in TAPPS 4A, but they received three players -one freshman and two older transfers - from North Texas United. That has transformed the Parish program overnight which means even a TAPPS 5A opponent like Prestonwood could have a challenge.

I'm always looking for and finding those young ladies that can play at the next level and I already know I'll be in the right spot