Monday, August 24, 2015

Panetti's comeback complete as she commits

HOUSTON, Texas- I'll never forget seeing Brittany Panetti for the first time playing club ball in a gym I just happened to drop in, this is back in the day when I was all over the place in the area since things were so spread out and she definitely made the trip worthwhile. Panetti simply was the best player in the gym as a 7th grader and the things I saw her do at the age along with her size, she was already over the "magic number" and if you don't what the magic number is you don't read enough of what I write, I knew big things would be ahead as she had D1 written all over her

Fast forward to her getting with a team that got her where she needed to be was a plus and she too was a plus because colleges look for what almost off the bat, SIZE, so her ability to be a draw helped college coaches see the talented Katy Rebels squad and also gave them the platform to compete. Panetti’s improvement just kept coming and at last year’s Texas A&M Camp, I watched the young lady pull up and drop three's effortlessly, at 6'2. After weighing her options, Panetti has decided the University of New Mexico will be her next stop and I asked the Tompkins' HS star why there

“Choosing a school was the most difficult decision I have ever made.  I wanted to make sure that I made the right decision for both my academic and basketball career.  My goal is to secure a degree in Civil Engineering and become the best basketball player possible. I want to help the Lobos become a championship team.  That's why I chose the University of New Mexico"