Saturday, December 21, 2013

Size Doesn't matter for 2020 group at #HoopAHolicsCamp

Fernanda Perez is all smiles and rightfully so after her excellent performance at the HOOP-A-HOLICS Camp. Barely standing 5'0, Perez helped set the tone as  far as what I look for in players who don't let their height become a factor in what they can or can't do

Vivian Castro teams in the back-court with Perez for the Stealth and the energy they both brought on both ends tells me heat is being applied. Christa York was also energetic as well but what I liked about all of the young ladies in this group is that they comprehended what was being taught and applied it

Reaghan Ridge and Daniela Perdomo simply made things happen on both ends during the games, well throw Jordan Hammons in that group as well because even though she was the smallest of the 2006 players at 4'10, at times she played as if she was the tallest

Jasmyn Franklin is one of the players in the camp that is always doing different types of ball handling drills and told her dad these were some of the most challenging she had done. Franklin, who teams with Ridge on the Impact and all of the others accepted the challenge and succeeded

Makenna Long joined the others as very knowledgeable and who knew how to get after it. Again when these young ladies were mixed into the game situations, nothing was over their heads and that in itself speaks volumes.

For a small player to succeed in the long run you have to be able to do or have at least three of these things that I call this the three S's, or SSS, simply because it's my initial.

You have to be SMART, you have to be SKILLED, you have to have SPEED or you simply have to be able to SHOOT the lights out and if you have all four, then you can truly show that SIZE doesn't matter