Thursday, December 19, 2013

Valdez leads energetic 2021 group from #HoopAHolicsCamp

When I evaluate younger kids, I look for several things especially in camp settings like how receptive they are and how they're able to implement what's being taught. When teaching, it's always important to keep it simple so the younger ones can grasp it and @TylerRelph10, did an excellent job sending the messages across in each particular drill. I guess you're wondering why I said Valdez leads the group, well it's simple, she's 5'11 and she's developing guard like skills, looked good in the open court and showed she could face the basket and score and also defend on the perimeter, keep in mind her dad is like 6'7 I believe so she's in the 5th grade,well....... here's another South Texas Hoyas player I'm raving about

While Valdez was the tallest, Carolyn Washington was the shortest in the group however she will definitely land in the "size don't matter category" because she is fearless. Washington along with her Lady Panther teammates Sierra King, Noel Gibson and Tristan Webb all understand the game. The group went through the drills with ease and competed very well during the games while showing tremendous upside

The GT Frogz brought a group of kids. Hannah Reeves, Chandler Browning and Mia Topping caught my eye immediately as they are ahead of the game in many areas. Good ball handling skills during both the drills and game situation plus all could create their shots. Don't know if Jillian and Jordan Sowell are sisters but with their size and athleticism rolled into the rest of their package, they're going to be hard to handle

Autumn Smith and her AMG Lady Baller teammate are both listed as points and I see why. Both see the floor and handle the ball well and by well I mean under pressure. Both also showed they could create their shots and score. The thing I enjoyed most about this group of 5th graders is they weren't overwhelmed by the older kids and these were just any older kids they were matched up against at times, some will play BCS and some are possible MDAA's but the good thing about all of these young ladies is the fact that they're young, they have time and they've caught my eye at an early age. Keep an eye out for video from @passthaball, until then @girlzprepreport is moving to the other ones that don't want to be called babies, 2020's