Monday, December 23, 2013

Exam passes with 2020 at #HoopAHolicsCamp

Deja Kelly and Deyonna Gaston are BCS locks, they're both on the GPR Tip Sheet coming up from the Hoop-A-Holics Camp and are two of the top 2020 players in the country. I don't need to watch videos from across the USA or teleport anywhere to make this claim, they're just that good at what they do and with that being said, so am I at what I do. Here's the kicker, there several others on the verge of big things as well

Myra Gordon is smooth as silk, she knows the game handles pressure well ad can score. Tyler Jackson and Taylor Morgan did great in the skills session and showed court sense as well during the games along with hitting some big shots. Anika McGarthy attacked well from the perimeter, not to mention knew how to create her own shot. Aleesha Orange best ball is ahead of her as she's already at the magic number of 6'0, lot's of upside

Aja Holmes was more than impressive, didn't realize she was so young until I looked at the roster. Kayla Bogan's energy level stayed up from start to finish as she brought on both ends and what I liked more than anything about Ceyenne Mass was she had a knack to be around the ball. Like Kelly, these three are from the San Antonio area

Holmes was one of many of the YOUNGSTAS that made the  PTB highlights

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These stories will disappear yet they won't. Utilize the search bar features on here and the website, even Google works most of the time but the 2020 group along with the ones younger showed promise and potential in many areas which will keep the Lone Star State's well of talent from running dry