Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2019 Watch List "plus" from #HoopAHolicsCamp


 PASSTHABALL did such a great job on the videos and breakdowns that I adjusted what I planned on doing to avoid overlap. Here the link's to the videos along with seother name plus the 2019 kids I'm looking at the link at the very bottom

Recap 1

Recap 2

Mikayla Hutchinson- 5’8 forward-huge upside, athleticism is off the chain, at times too unselfish

Amanda Ferry -5’10 forward-destiny is in own hands, has BCS potential, can turn into a beast

Charlene Mass- 5’3 guard-baseline to baseline defender, won’t back down and attacks well

Alena Wilson- 5’9 guard-long range shooters at this age and this size have bright future ahead

Aerona Carter -5’8 forward-athletic, anticipates well, good rebounder and showed she could score

Mackenzie Green - 5’4 guard-doesn’t realize how good she is or can be, that will come with maturity

More importantly, here is the 2019 WATCH LIST and remember, I'll be watching for progression