Sunday, December 29, 2013

Duncanville's 60-46 win over Whitney Young should silence critics

I know they don't  travel out of state to play in this tournament or that tournament and even though I called Ariel Atkins one of the best players I've seen in my life a few years ago, there were still some disbelievers however her performance at Nike Nationals over the summer had some "experts" playing catch-up on her ability and where she should be placed in the national rankings as if she magically became great overnight.

Well Duncanville handled Whitney Young quite well in the Sandra Meadows Classic championship, they jumped out on them off the top and the Dolphins really never knew what hit them so maybe, just maybe thinking outside of the box, even though they don't travel outside the state will have them placed where they should be

To their credit, the Dolphins did make a late run and I told several people prior to the game that they had the best starting five I've seen all season, that hasn't changed, but they don't have an Ariel Atkins, in fact no one does. Tasia Foman got the ball rolling early, her four steals in the opening quarter which led to Pantherette baskets set the tone and I'm certain the team from Chicago did not expect this type of Texas heat in December, especially after their handling of Manvel earlier in the day, but Foman (8) and Atkins (10) accounted for all the Pantherettes opening quarter points as they lead 18-9

Two things I tweeted sort of sum up Duncanville's hot start and one was "Foman might be the fastest and best defensive guard in the state" hey four steals which led to baskets against a team of this caliber, in the opening quarter at that. The other was "Atkins excites crowd early as she changes hands in midair behind the basket, oh for 2".

That basket gave them an 8-5 lead and although many who saw it for the first time might think it was luck, trust me it wasn't, I've seen her do that several times and it also ignited not only the crowd, but the team as well as they scored a couple of  quick back to back baskets off steals to force a time out

Atkins scored 15 in the second quarter, Whitney Young scored 16 total and it was 38-17 at the half.  I knew the Dolphins would make a run in the second half, and they did, but the race was already over. Foman and Atkins, both Texas signees had several former Pantherette's who are now Longhorn's in attendance, not to mention head coach Karen Aston.

 I don't know what's in the ocean as far as the future for these two young ladies at the next level, well actually I do, and I think they'll catch the "Big One" simply because this duo knows how to #hookem

Box Scores from Sandra Meadows