Wednesday, December 25, 2013

JEFFERSONIZED after #HoopAHolicsCamp performance

Several young ladies showed me they had added more to their games at the Hoop-A-Holics Camp however some made dramatic jumps. Keep in mind I've been watching these five for a couple of seasons and their jumps have been a joy to capture with my eyes

2018 Mallory Adams definitely added something(s) as she handled the ball under the pressure from baseline to baseline, nailed some jumpers, many long range and was a terror in the paint. At 5'11, all this will do is give her more opportunities on where she plays at the next level and with her size age, how high she goes is in her hands

Mikayla Hutchinson has been working as well, like Adams she's long and athletic and also showed she could handle the ball in the open court. Her defense and anticipation were among the best at the camp however she's a bit too unselfish at times but then again she's a 2019.  She's been watching her Kansas bound sister Terriell Bradley for a long time so the future will be equally bright as long as she keeps working

2018 Bri-Bri Mitchell simply blew me away with those spin moves in transition for baskets. She's an athletic yet heady point guard that loves to defend was my initial but she attributes have rose in a big way. She's making passes with either hand for assists not to mention doing some acrobatic things to create and one opportunities. With her work ethic and mindset, stardom awaits

2018 Diamond Atchinson was strictly a defensive stopper when I first started watching her a couple of years ago however I thought she was in the 8th grade then which tells you the heat she was bringing. Now she's bringing more heat, like through the nets as her shot was smoking at the camp and I'm talking mid and long range. Having and watching older sister, Sydney Carter,  "reach"the dream" helps fuel that heat and I don't see her cooling off throughout her career

2018 Stacy Rios was always solid but now she's turning into ice under pressure. She handled the pressure extremely well at the camp, often being guarded by players up to six inches taller. I'm also liking how she's creating her shot more which can be deadly from just about anywhere. The biggest jump is thinking the game more which will takke her a long way