Sunday, December 22, 2013

Always remember to just keep playing #HoopAHolicsCamp attendees and anyone else

Florida was on my daughter's short list of schools before she decided to attend Texas A&M and one of the main reasons was because of then head coach Carolyn Peck. Coach Peck is now an announcer however I recall her attending an event and my daughter didn't have a great game, well after about 10 minutes she left. To my surprise, she came back during the school year and I told her after she left, I thought she was interested and she responded I saw what I needed to see

You never know what coaches are looking at but the main thing they want to know if you can be part of the puzzle in their system. No matter how the game is going, play hard and be supportive of your teammates no matter what. It also helps if you don't crazy, like cursing anyone out or fighting because you never know who's watching