Thursday, December 19, 2013

Let It Snow day comes to a close from #HoopAHolicsCamp

Yeah I know I said was gonna do this today or gonna do that tomorrow but I wanted the babies to get some attention first, well none of them are babies on the court, especially Big Baby, go Lex!!!!!

Peep this pic as far as just a dab of the talented players among the, how many, over 130 at the Hoop-A-Holics Camp put on by @passthaball, not @girlzprepreport, and the lead trainer was @TylerRelph10

Deja Kelly, Liz "Great" Scott, Nyah "On The Scene" Green, Kennedy Tucker, Jaden Owens and Payton Hicks. Everyone is a 2019 with the exception of Kelly who's a 2020 and if you don't think these kids are among the top players in state, some in the country, I'm talking USA not the woods, archive this and we'll check back in a few years so I can pat myself on the back yet again

The outrageous part about it is several players could be interchanged, Sydney Hardeman grew four inches in a year, those DFW Elite girls were, how did I put it, Jeffersonized and as I close , yall know one thing, I wasn't LYIN about Addison Ryan and it's plenty more

I didn't even mention Charli Collier, who has already committed to Texas, sorry Charli, and she'll be playing TV like, well TV, S/O to my girl @tatumballin4_32, go Tatum!!!!!

Always remember to stay in front of someone credible,like me, and also remember I have no agenda, I cover everyone I see, not just who you play for, so make sure you're where I am because in Texas #talentiseverywhere

One more time from session one