Friday, December 20, 2013

Never let ANYONE tell you NEVER #HoopAHolcsCamp attendees

I know, I pulled another audible and didn't finish the 2020 but sometimes I'm in more drama than TNT so I had to regroup. I mentioned earlier about the talent at the #HoopAHolicsCamp for several reasons and contrary to anything you hear or think, NEVER count anyone out, especially before they get to high school. I've seen kids in the 7th grade that could "almost dunk" and by the time they graduated, that was still their claim to fame

I've seen 10 and 11 year old superstars pan out as well because when the strength and athleticism catches up, you had better been either quite exceptional or continued to work as hard as you could because always remember somebody else is.

 Bianca Smith is from the 2005 class and from to bottom, that was the best class from this area as far as quality. I've known Bianca since the 7th grade, she and my older daughter played together in middle and high school and Smith was always solid and you knew she could play somewhere. Then something magical happened, PG Carla Cortigo, another 2005 star, transferred to Bellaire and allowed Smith to play the two where she became one of the deadliest long range shooters in the state.

She signed Tulsa, would up leaving for Colorado with the coach, and ended her career as their all time leading three point shooter, from just next level to BCS just like that. Smith btw is an assistant coach at Rice, she's seated with head coach Greg Williams above

Anita Kaduru wasn't a big name in high school at Kempner but after seeing her as a sophomore, I knew she could play D1. Those three magic letters, ACL derailed that dream as she missed most of the last two seasons however she's landed on her feet at Incarnate Word and trust me, she could play.

Then there's Nadine Ndip, a young lady who graduated from Klein back in 2011. Ndip was a solid player and I pegged her to play somewhere at the next level however she was also a very high academic student and wound up attending Vanderbilt. Ndip didn't make the team her freshman season as a walk-on but a rash of injuries allowed her to do so her sophomore year, right place, right time, read more

One thing I can elaborate on is GBB, I try and break things down as easy as possible so YOUNGSTAS, if anyone tries to burst your dream, they are stupid, keep working and never say never