Friday, December 20, 2013

Ichiban had several 2020's on hand at #HoopAholicsCamp

Gene watts was involved with this stuff when I first came on the scene and over the years we've built a relationship that seems to get stronger year after year. He was gracious enough to have me come down to his Boot Camp last season which had over 100 kids for the two day event. I love finding hidden treasure, kids on the rise or just those who are will to learn and although several caught my eye, Nina Millner and Jasmine Brown simply blew me away, read more

One thing I rant and rave about, yes one thing, is that I want to see progression. That other SC knows who's been naughty or nice, good for him, this one wants to see who's been working on their games or not and for the simple fact is I'm assuming the majority of players hope to achieve next level dreams,, it's not going to happen without work

Nina Milliner and Jasmynne Brown showed me progression and I was impressed with them six months ago. You noticed how I changed the spelling their names while I noticed how they added stuff to their games.  Nina is going to be a hard nose point guard, she's everywhere on the court, can handle the ball and understands her role. Jaz is smooth and silky, she's long and agile and can score inside. With their work ethic, their best basketball is ahead of them

Kennedi Burns and Alyssa Lafontaine were both pleasant surprises from the Team Ichiban group. Both are shifty guards that went through the drills like they knew what were doing however once the games started, I saw yet another gear. Based on how each were going, like Brown and Millner, I'm sure I'll see progression the next go round

While Nina takes one of the few breaks I've ever seen her take, Gene Watts is having his Holiday Hoops Camp right here in Houston. For more information

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