Sunday, December 22, 2013

Over the rim with talent at #HoopAHolicsCamp

Always remember to verify and double check on certain things that might not seem to make sense. I covered a camp in Central Texas back in Austin and there was chatter going on about it being an "Invitation Only" camp and only certain kids were invited. If you read my blog when I'm promoting something and you click on a link and it says register, well that in itself should tell you that it's OPEN to anyone

There was spin going on that there would be no talent at the #HoopAHolicsCamp, well I've told you how many BCS and MDAA candidates I've already identified, not to mention the vast majority of the players in attendance can play somewhere at the next level

 So if you can play in college you don't have talent, that makes absolutely no sense right? No it does not

If GPR is involved with something, ask my staff of ONE and please because always remember, I have no #agendas and even more importantly #talentiseverywhere