Friday, December 20, 2013

D1 Shooters guard heavy for 2020 at #HoopAHolicsCamp

With the exception of  2018 #4 combo Kelsey Young and #24 point Izaria Ferguson, I'll catch you later ladies, the remaining players  in the above picture are from the 2020 class. D1 Shooters Executive Director Rich Anderson told me he was bringing an army of talent, he did, and here’s the #siminator line of the day. “If you bring an army, you better have weapons” and let me tell you something, their arsenal was loaded. Zoe McCrary and Morgan Hervey immediately stood out, simply because of their age and size, both are close to the magic number of six feet that college coaches love and almost assure a player of playing at the next level.  Good skills by both in the paint, hand and footwork, not to mention finishing are ahead of the game. Emma Hunt operated nicely from the wing, handled the ball and knew how to get to the rim not to mention showed she could hid the short jumper.  I liked all of the guards, and Kiersten Anderson were listed as points but they got they’re point across if they left open for easy jumpers. Talk about easy jumpers, Ashley Faux and Taylor Hurst were almost automatic, uh, with defenders on them, that’s huge at this age. Tyler Jackson, Jayla Brooks and Brianna Tubby got gold stars as well, simply because they showed they could play multiple positions , all well, and play both ends of the court, quite well. Tyler is also the younger sister of Taylor Jackson, one of the stars of the Shooters Prime Time Nationals team that was coached by Mia's dad Gene. Taylor, like all of these young ladies are on course to, made my TIP SHEET, read more

Coach Anderson, I appreciate you bringing the army, I’ll be watching them battle for years to come

Kiersten Anderson  #12
Tyler Jackson  #22
Taylor Hurst  #21
Ashley Faux  #31
Zoe McCrary 5 #7
Morgan Hervey #35
Emma Hunt  #43
Jayla Brooks  #3
Briana Tubby  #15