Thursday, December 12, 2013

Don't be blurred about talent at Hoop-A-Holics Camp Sunday in Duncanville

Pictures a worth what, well this one actually fits the little story. When I call a kid next level in or before middle school, I haven't been wrong yet. This is only a gift, yet it also can be  a curse as some have taken it wrong as if these were my favorites, especially when I give them nicknames like The Chosen One or The Real Deal or even now, The Future. That's not the case but the bottom line is some players just have "it" an early age and I can tell, and trust me, it's going to be a "Who's Who" of players at this camp and let me quote myself on this again. "If combined on a college team, conference runs as well as a Final 4 could happen,  I'm talking NCAA

The main thing is to not count anyone out, especially if their young. I can name a a dozen or more kids who couldn't dribble and were tripping over the lines on the court in middle school that went on to play not only D1, but high level D1 and none were over the magic number. By that same token, I know of several sixth, seventh and eight graders who were called "can't miss" and did just that, not by me btw because I'm always right

I had this adorable video of my baby around five or six playing on a coed team with my older daughter in a league the Rockets put on at the Fonde and while the game was going on, she was disinterested doing flips on a bar with not a care in the world, well we all know how that turned out

Hoop A Holics is loaded and I can wait for Sunday. Spots are limited however you can still sign up