Thursday, November 26, 2015

Rudder still talented and explosive #FBISDTournament

The Lady Rangers of Rudder didn't catch my eye late last season simply because I knew several players on the team, including the Suber twins and the Daily sisters and had watched them play since middle school so it definitely wasn't a surprise at seeing them making a state title run and even though they fell short they still have several ingredients remaining to do it again

Kiana Suber iced the regional final last season from the line, she and her twin sister Brianna bring plenty of heat both offensively and defensively and as athletic and acrobatic as they are, they keep adding to their games. Megan Daily could always shoot the three, she's shooting at a higher percentage while her sister Trisha Daily brings so much pressure on defense while still handling pressure to run the team and scoring when needed

While the older Daily sisters ate seniors, more are coming starting with freshman Trecee who it seems like I've been knowing even before she was in school, I'm serious the more I think about it I'm pretty close. I was super impressed with her poise as she stepped out on the floor and handled the heat and I already know what type of talent she possesses after catching her in club ball and I can't wait to see her and the baby, Precious, go to work in a couple of years

Deyesha Wilbert is long and athletic, a shade under the magic number and definitely will create problems all season while Kiara Benford and Tieshton Thompson fill in many of the blanks without any let up when they're on the floor so I wouldn't be surprised to see this talented group at Campbell Center again making another run