Monday, November 2, 2015

Cisco impressive over weekend

I always get a kick out of watching players I knew that would play at the next level when they were young and Alachiron King and Bianca Hampton definitely showed signs as freshmen with Nimitz and Macrthur respectively. I didn't catch Erin Willis until later when she transferred to Atascocita but I just knew those kids would have a shot at going somewhere easily. Never been to Anchorage or anywhere else in Alaska, I get cold watching the fisherman on the Discovery Channel so fortunately Chamira Cockerham came to Texas and all did exceptionally well for Cisco at the San Jacinto Inbvitational

I've already tweeted about the local kids as well as CC on Twitter, archived stories on players can always be found in the search bar but let me give a special S/O to Lyndsey Dowing from Washington DC for dropping 4 three pointers, deep threes, in the first quarter of their game against San Jac