Tuesday, November 17, 2015

'17 Ariel Starks on fire for A&M Consolidated

My first look at Ariel Starks came at a camp right after her freshman season and I spoke with her dad and commented that once she understood what she was working with, she was going to be hard to handle. Sometimes players might not realize they have "IT" however Starks definitely showed me as she simply blew up at the Campbell Center last season during the regional playoffs and evidently several colleges including Rice, Temple , Columbia, Texas State, Princeton, Indiana and Utah realize it as well

Over the weekend, the talented Under The Radar star went completely off as she was named MVP of the Dripping Springs Tournament after helping lead her team to the championship. Starks dropped 22 points while adding 14 rebounds, prior to that she scored 30 against DeValle so I kind of think she realizes that she's hard to handle on the court