Sunday, November 29, 2015

Lake Travis impressive in win over Legacy Christian #GirlsTXJamboree

Lake Travis was without their leading scorer, Aspen Howie, while Beaumont Legacy Christian was without Alexis Morris, one of the top players in the 2017 class who happened to make the USA team so I was thinking based on who the Cavaliers had, this would get ugly quick after seeing Legacy Christian last season. To be honest, this was a good game even though Lake Travis rotated everyone in evenly they won 45-34, Mandy Karako is a nightmare to guard, she led all scorers with 15, Nikkie and Natalie Paxton as well as Kaylie Kirkpatrick are all solid players and I'd love to see them with their full roster but I was also pleased with the continuous progression from Jordan Ott who made the Under The Radar Tip Sheet


Even though Morris was missing, I enjoyed Jean'Na McClelland operating on the floor, she led her squad with 14 while Marli Lemons and Alex Westbrook brought some heat. Danielle Soileua is athletic and long, plus she's close to "the magic number" and with her wingspan she's definitely over six feet. Allura Wilkes is one of those players I had to find out what their name was since she did a few things that definitely caught my eye. When I found out she too was a freshman, that was simply icing on the cake as her upside and potential definitely have her on my radar