Saturday, November 7, 2015

HBU youth show plenty of promise

Head Coach Donna Finnie's HBU squad was on the verge of heading to the NCAA Tournament last season with some impressive wins in the Southland Conference Tournament that enabled them to reach the finals. Back from that squad is the exciting and acrobatic Monet Neal as well as well as Rachel Arthur who showed she could put up numbers in droves and also Anna Strickland who simply does so many that you may not see in the box score. Those three are seniors, as are Ekimini Essien and Meghan Shank who along with junior Heidi Sihvola were definitely pieces to their successful puzzle last season when it seemed like it always over when all everything player Miss Double-Double Shanice Steinhold, was lost for the season with a knee injury

The returnees all played well, that was to be expected but the confidence from the freshmen simply blew me away, especially Lisa Zderadicka and Adriiana Jackson, well not really, but both scored in double figures as well as Neal, Arthur and Essien