Thursday, November 12, 2015

Exciting freshmen highlight Tigerette Classic

Just glancing at teams listed in this seasons Conroe Tigerette Classic which starts today, several newcomers who are already among the top players in their respective class are competing however the "Who's Who" list of freshmen who are definitely or will be game changers as well as among the top players in Texas and beyond definitely caught my eye

Liz Scott (Klein Oak) one of the top players in the country for that 2019 class, it was a wrap the moment I saw her and let me sum it up, I tagged her "Great Scott"

Amanda Ferry (Humble) every season this young lady gets better and better and her work ethic and skill set has her very high on that Texas 2019 list

The Twins ( Jersey Village) so happy to see these young ladies going in with a whole new staff at JV and Kaylynne and Kayleigh Truong definitely are game changers who also are high on my Texas 2019 list

Halle Jones (Summer Creek) speed and aggressiveness picked up a lot over the summer as she had a chance to play up and get ready for the heat and it will pay off as she continues to show me she's legit in that 2019 group as well

Conroe Tigerette Schedule