Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hastings wins #FBISDTournament Consolation

I tweeted I knew Hastings would be not only athletic but would get after it and that's exactly what they do. Tia Jones goes after everything in the paint, loved the pressure from Ahmir West and Tatiyanni Riley in the backcourt and Kai-Lee Valentine did what I've seen few females do in a high school game and that's catch the ball going out of bounds, do a 180 in the air and pass for an assist, well almost an assist but the pass was definitely a highlight. She also showed she could score from mid and long range which was a good sign

Another good sign was to see Ashley Moore on the court, she also plays volleyball, something I know absolutely nothing about but I do know basketball, I do know she's over 6'0 and I do know she's a D1 player, I don't care what anyone else says or thinks, you can trust me on this one. She does things you can't teach and when you can do things instinctively, well let me describe one play. She's under the goal, Hastings has the ball stolen at the top of the key. She races down the court, blocks the lay-up and outruns everyone for a lay-up back on the other one, thank me later, she's a gift