Friday, November 20, 2015

Duncanville in "Driver's Seat" #TXInvitational

Duncanville has and always will be one of those teams that simply find ways to get it done and when you have a group of players that "understand the game" and "know their roles" you have some of the main ingredients for success. It also helps when you have players that simply get after it baseline to baseline for 40, well 32 minutes and it doesn't hurt when you have a couple BCS kids on the squad

I've been a Zay Green fan since she was wondering why I was taking her picture when she was I guess in the 6th grade yet I knew she would be among the top 2018 players in the country, she definitely is. I also knew Cierra Johnson (Louisville) would be a BCS player, simply because of her height and physique back when she was in the 9th and usually when I know something it happens.

Johnson has exceeded what I thought she would do, much of that has to do with her leadership qualities displayed last season as she took charge and was vocal on the court however what I saw in her yesterday assures me of what she'll be able to do at the next level as her game has definitely gone to another level

With easy wins under their belt on yesterday, the Pantherettes face a talented Cy Fair team today however they will be one of the teams in the GOLD division. Cy Ranch has Brennan, they too appear headed to the GOLD. North Shore faces Clear Springs who were upset by a much improved from a week ago Cy Falls squad. Falls actually gave the Mustangs all they could handle for most of the opening game on yesterday so this could be interesting if it comes down to a tie breaker and the other showdown has Seven Lakes vs Cy Woods, winner advancing to GOLD