Thursday, December 12, 2013

Friday 13th means the start of watching the Cox sisters in action

I was so excited about "The Incredible Mulk" being released yesterday that I almost went to Taco Bell, inside joke. Mulkey is one of the top sophomores in the country and tomorrow, I'll get to see a couple of others in Natalie Chou and Lauren Cox. I saw the latter two summer before last at Prime Time Nationals and was super impressed in fact I said that Cox had a shot at being the top player in her class. That brought some less that intelligent comments my way, especially from this guy who "claimed" to have coached close to 30 years and said she was nothing more than a volleyball player and said he couldn't understand why "some people" blew certain kids up. Although I was kicked out of Mensa for not following rules, I caught what he said and shot right back with several comments I choose not to put in print however one that I can was "I know carpenters and mechanics whose homes and cars stay blanked up" and you coach are an idiot

Tomorrow night, I'll head over and catch some of the Flower Mound at Plano West action featuring Cox and Chou since the map says it's close to the PCA tournament. After seeing Lauren on Friday, I'll catch Whitney Cox in action at, where, the PASSTHABALL Camp. One more time, this is not MY camp, I'm covering for PASSTHABALL. Tyler's doing the training, Marissa's doing the mixing, I'm evaluating the talent and the stories will have all the "fixings"