Thursday, December 12, 2013

Don't get SCROOGED!!!!

At the turn of the century, no one was talking about the talented players in Texas on a national level, well other than me. Yes the rumors are true, profanity was used on message boards, knock the stick off of my shoulder and step across that line tactics were used as well and even though much of it was done in fun, the bottom line is that controversy grabs attention and when what you say and write is backed up, people take notice.

This is an old TBT photo of myself, Bob Corwin and Brandon Clay and both have made numerous trips to observe for themselves what I was ranting and raving about

Texas has now blown up and as people attempt to knock each other over to position themselves, unlike Gore's internet claim, it started because of what I said and wrote. When you've done this as long as I have, you tend to see how things will play out and the sad part about it is you have a lot of people giving advice that shouldn't be and even sadder is the fact that parents listen.

Although there are several knowledgeable people around, just because you call yourself an expert doesn't make you one and if you want to maximize your daughter's exposure, providing she has the ability too play at the next level. well' #beentheredonethat

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