Monday, December 9, 2013

Another Mustangs team might win race to Austin

North Shore has had some ups and downs already in the first part of the season however it's the third part I'm thinking about. Yeah I break it down into three portions, the pre-district, district and post-district, aka the playoffs. What the Mustangs have done is lose to Bellaire, lose to Duncanville and lose to Manvel twice, one of those losses by 38 points

 Like those old men I used to hang around with playing dominoes years ago, no matter what clever move I came up with, one would always say "don't matter to me none" because despite losing to Bellaire by a point, that loss was avenged by 23. No matter the fact that Duncanville hadn't lost since President Obama's first term, they almost pulled off the upset and no matter the fact that Manvel simply demolished them by 38, in the third quarter of the Peggy Whitley Classic, late in the third quarter this was a three point game

 When you throw in the fact that their two leading scorers, Chasity Patterson and Adriiana Jackson did not have good offensive games, which is a rarity when this happens to both on the same game and you see they were right there, let me say this, no other team in the area can go as deep with putting on heat as North Shore. Patterson and Jackson have both scored over 20 this season, Lili Scott can score 20, Jaylan Robinson can score 20 and Kayla "Who's The Mack" can score 20, but not just that. Several players can come in and bring it and if they click like I know they can click in February, well .......

Shay Johnson, Deja Hughes and Tre Norris are more than serviceable and before anyone says I'm crazy because the Mustangs don't have a player that's at least 5'10, so how can they get out of here. Like the old man in domino shack said "don't matter to me none" but I add a little something like, "Clear Springs last season"