Monday, December 9, 2013

Fort Bend squad might come out of the Bush

All I can say is watch out for that girl with the long hair that can hit jumpers from anywhere, on anyone. Crystal Chidomere simply doesn't realize how good she is, she's unselfish and she get's hers in the flow. With that being said, she's capable of dropping 30, wait maybe even 40 at the drop of a dime, The Bush senior is one of the smoothest players in the area, she does thing effortlessly and should the UTSA signee get really going, who knows how this will play out

The Lady Broncos interior of Ope Ibrahim, Faith Ohanta and Cierra Palmer might not match the frontline of Manvel's but no one has that in the country. What these three bring are workaholic attitudes that just won't quit and each has the ability to control the paint on both ends. It's a long shot, but long shots have gotten out of here, so I'm just throwing it at you