Friday, January 1, 2016

Who turned and shot Lights Out at #HoopAHolics

NTX Lights Out named definitely preceded them because when I decided enough wasn't focused on the "stars of tomorrow" a few years, this team was definitely one that kept popping up as having some players that I just had to see. I have been pleased with the steady flow of talent and it just keeps coming including these young ladies from the 2020 class that performed at #HoopAHolics2015

In case you missed it, Claire Reynolds blew me away at last years HoopAHolics and still has me beaming about that spin move in the open court this year Tip Sheet pt 1

Maci Sisco made her first appearance at HoopAHolics, loved her ability to create her shot and was consistent with the midrange and was feisty on defense, huge upside especially if she has another growth spurt

Alexis German also made her inaugural HoopAHolics  and just did a whole lot of different things in a short amount of time Tip Sheet pt 2 

Makenna Long was back again for another HoopAHolics as well, okay she showed me she could shoot it when she was in the 6th grade, I'm talking about deep but her ability to "catch and shoot" with accuracy as well as doing so off the dribble plus speed and defense continues to get better