Sunday, January 3, 2016

HISD history of talent is mind boggling

Watching UTEP against Rice to start the year off was great, it was an exciting game that down to the wire and it also brought back memories I have of observing the talent that has passed through HISD. Jenzel Nash in the auto awesome photo put up numbers galore at Worthing while her Miners teammate LuLu McKinney was key to Bellaire's dominance in district joining AJ Alix (TCU), Jas Hartman (Oklahoma) went to multiple Final Fours, Bianca Smith (Colorado) now assistant coach at Pitt, Carla Cortigo (Texas), Nakazi Glover (Houston) as a few Cardinals I'm throwing at you off the top of my head

Let me dig a little deeper, Alaina Lee (Murray State)  and Patrice Rideaux( Texas A&M) helped Madison go through a stretch of over 10 years without losing a district game and also have two memories embedded in my mind forever. Lee, now DOB with Houston is one of the greatest PGs to come out of here but wait #sizedontmatter fans, when I saw the 5'3 guard DROP STEP for two against a 6'2 D1 post, I will never forget that nor will I forget Rideaux blocking a shot on one end to midcourt, outrunning everyone and dunking the ball on the ends

If you don't know who Sharetta Hawkins (Jones) Ashley Curry (Washington) or Jamie Simmons (Austin) well I don't know what to tell you, well actually I do. Hawkins at 6'0 range started one foot half court, she opened her HS career dropping 40. Curry was virtually unstoppable, inside outside and with flair, she could score almost at will and Jamie Simmons who SHOULD have the district record with 61 points had size to go along with being smooth as silk scoring from everywhere. My daughter, Sydney Colson  (Westside) made it to the Elite 8 as a freshan with Rideaux at Texas A&M and won a National Championship as a senior plays in the WNBA and is assistant coach at Rice where I'm headed this afternoon and I'll drop more from the district when I have a chance