Saturday, January 2, 2016

More from #HoopAHolics 2015 session 2 video #TipSheet


Marissa has a knack for capturing everything when she does an event and since I can't be everywhere it's certainly enjoyable to go back and watch what she puts together. Peyton Andrews dropping a three and Kendall McGruder's status has been super elevated and not just because of that highlight block I felt through the film. Jasmynne Brown continued to block and score while Ashley Sidman, Megan O’Neil and Alicia White also showed both athleticism and a nice midrange jumper which has become a lost art.

I've had a chance to mention most of these players you're about to read about already, some I hadn't seen so you can go through the recaps or use the #HoopAHolics hashtag on Twitter and peep this, it ain't over yet, the ever so important WATCHLIST and recap from session 1 video is coming


Kyla Davis’ athleticism gives her an edge playing passing lanes but hitting the midrange jumper and throwing a bullet through traffic on the money was very nice to see

Camryn Hill has athleticism and strength and her ability to finish with contact is huge at an early age

Alexis Smith ballhandling under pressure is going to make her very hard to handle in high school because she knows when to go behind the back and how to split defenders plus her range is unlimited

Kennedi Burns scored at will with contact

Makenna Long is a shooter that finished well with both hands and with contact

Kyla Davis opened things up as she anticipates well, can hit the midrange and throws bullets through traffic on the money

Mia Smith is long, blocks shots and can finish but at her size being able to go C2C and finish is a definite plus

Macy Sisco was everywhere on D including diving for loose balls and throwing and outlet off balance while dribbling full speed is something you don’t see much of at this age

Alexis German yet again shows me something different, that change of direction and stopping on a dime for the mid gives her many weapons

Nina Milliner’s power, defense and ability to run a team sold me years ago but attacking off the dribble scoring multiple ways adds new elements

Tia Harvey has another gear in the open court and can change direction without slowing down, great court vision

Aiken Semones is a shooter and can finish strong with both hands but the crossover and behind the back moves in traffic blew me away

Katherine Renner draining the midrange and throwing outlets was nice to see

Kendall McGruder showed me several things like playing the passing lane and good perimeter and inside defense. I knew she could finish and was athletic but her ability to hit both mid and long range shots were only topped by that highlight block

Tamia Flores with hot defense and a nightmare in the open court, great vision on outlets

Victoria Jordan’s size and ability to block shots and finish has her ahead of the game

Allie Lyda knows how to score, off dribble, mid or long range, great tools at a young age

Maggie Hutka’s stutter step to get open had me rewind several times, she also created and finished well with both hands


Victoria Flores isn’t even in middle school and what she did against older players tells me a lot. She handled the ball well through traffic and hit the midrange pulling up off the dribble but her NBA three……..