Thursday, January 7, 2016

Huskies host Nicholls State tonight

Anna Strickland was impressive the first time I saw her in MS and after watching her do some amazing things over the course of her career, it's definitely no surprise to see her succeed with HBU. Strickland recorded her 8th double-double in the Huskies tough 71-64 loss to McNeese State and when you factor in that was her 8th in 12 games this season, she's averaging 2 of them every 3 games, math is very important SAT testing is later this month, but get this, her 13 rpg  is good enough for a 6th place tie in the country


Former Cy Springs star Brensha Coleman is the lone area player on Nicholls State's roster, Cy Springs has been  steadily improving and is coming off of an OT upset victory against Cy Fair while joining the staff is former Colonels star Jenny Nash who happened to light em up from way downtown previously for defending state champion Cy Woods, I guess technically it's two area stars on the roster. Nicholls State's Marina Lilly also was recently named Southland Conference Player Of The Week read more

Here are the standings for the season and remember to support your local universities folks, I can't stress the importance of younger player actually seeing older players that have made it to the next level  and always remember, "it's not what you do, it's who you do it against"