Friday, January 1, 2016

#SizeDontMatter players believe in yourself

I just did a segment on small guards participating at HoopAHolics and I want players to realize that they should never let anyone tell them what can't accomplish at this stage of their careers. Adriiana Jackson started at North Shore for four seasons and quickly showed she can handle the heat, I saw that in middle school, use the search bar. After an illustrious HS career, she has immediately made her presence felt at HBU. Jackson and the guards below are all around the magic number of five feet showing truly #sizedontmatter as they all became D1 players

Porsche Landry courtesy off

Porsche Landry, one of my favorite names simply because I had a red Porsche and loved Landry's buffet on Westheimer before they closed but even more importantly this was pound for pound inch for ich one of the toughest and most physical players to come through here and what she did both at Madison and then even more at the University of Houston is mind boggling

D'Franz Smart blew me away when she was in high school at Whitney Young and later at Rice, fast with the ball from baseline to baseline, few could stay with her but she also could score and her last name fits all the above because they played Smart and within themselves

Who's next?