Saturday, January 16, 2016

O'Connell clicking in St Agnes win

This was my first look at St Agnes and although I knew how the outcome would be, I had to see a few players including 2016 GPR Under The Radar stars Lauren O'Connell and Beth Hawkins.

O'Connell was coming off three straight 30 plus point games when she had an ankle injury however you never would have known watching her zig and zag her way to the basket for easy baskets or assists but one thing that I've always loved watching her do shoot the long ball and her 8 three pointers on the night sort of tells you why I've impressed with this young lady since she was in middle school

Hawkins continues to show a variety of positives other than her wingspan and height of 6'0. She can rebound on both ends as well as score on the inside but her ability to face the basket and score is what keeps getting better and her upside is definitely a plus. She did great job of altering shots, her timing on that and playing the passing lanes left me with a smile

2017 Isabella Rathgeb is almost at the magic number of 6'0 however she plays 2 taller right now, some of that because of wingspan, much of it on desire and the throwback mentality of following one's shot, hers, definitely creates some problems but she's a double-double waiting to happen