Thursday, December 31, 2015

Arlington Lady Warriors 2020 at #HoopAHolics

The Arlington Lady Warriors 2020 are a group of young ladies I’ve had the pleasure of observing many of them for what seems like forever but looking at the archives, you can too, it’s only been a couple of seasons. I go on and on about progression and upside with the youth and believe me this group keeps getting better and they’re definitely not done

Alyssa Lafontaine -5’9 forward-she’s always played hard, I wrote after seeing her initially she never takes a play off and on top of that she loves to defend. Several highlight moves in the video tell me the offense has taken another turn as she’s adding more outside scoring instead of just attacking strong, which she does quite well

Kennedi Burns -5’8 guard- I think my exact words were “shifty guard that had another gear” when I first saw her but she’s taken that to another level. I’m seeing more creativity and getting wherever she wants to go and she scores multiple ways

Camryn Hill –5’9 forward-she had a growth spurt which enables her to be even more of a threat as she gets older.  I talked her ball handling and ability to handle the ball under pressure but what I’m seeing tied into her maturity is that she’s becoming more powerful on both ends of the floor and finishing with contact

Jursei Powell -5’7 guard- loved watching her in the skill segment when I first saw her, not only because of what she did but she implemented what she learned into the game segment. Fast forward to now, you can’t teach comprehension and her ability to create her shot and score as well as better ballhandling tells me she’s working

Nina Milliner-5’4 PG- one of my favorite sayings is “the game starts at the one” and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of this one when I first saw her. She’s a powerful PG that understands the game and can get her teammates involved but the energy she brings trickles down to her teammates. I loved her ability to get to the rim and take the lick as well as pulling up for the jumper but that defense was, well on point

Jasmyne Brown -5’9 forward-I called her long and agile as well as smooth and silky and like Milliner, I said with their work ethic, their best basketball is ahead of them. Jas really did some interesting things, like throwing outlets on the money as well as running the floor and receiving them. She’s added a soft jumper and her timing enables her to block numerous shots

Kendall McGruder- another player did was so impressive in the skills segment when I caught her initially that showed what she learned during the games. She already could see the floor and finish with contact but let me tell you something, that ball handling has definitely taken off, she razzled and dazzled through traffic, the mid and long range also gives her multiple weapons

Kate Renner and Z’mya  Cox are both newcomers to Girlz Prep Report and they too showed up well in the skill segment. I like the intensity both bring on defense, Renner showed she could nail the jumper while Hurd did some acrobatic things I’m still amazed at. Plenty of upside for both of these talented young stars