Monday, January 18, 2016

Texans will have 6 in 2016 #McDAAG

No big surprises for me on this seasons selection and with the exception of Nancy Mulkey, I had a chance to see all of the others prior to high school and I knew I was looking at some special players. Mulkey did blow me away with a triple double and at 6'9 , well.......

Amber Ramirez-after seeing for the first time at DFW Elite's Fall Finish back in 201I knew she had "it" and her poise on the court at that age definitely told me a lot  read more

Joyner Holmes-even though Holmes hadn't played in her first high school game, I said she could college ball right now read more

In 2012, I saw Lauren Cox and Natalie Chou at Prime Time Nationals before they entered high school. After writing about Cox, a guy walked up and told me she was nothing more than a volleyball player and it's a shame guys like me wrote this stuff, plus he told me he had been coaching high school for 30 years. My response was I know guys that have been mechanics for 30 years and their cars never seem to run and this proves that by me calling an idiot, I was correct about that too read more

I also saw Cierra Johnson prior to high school at Prime Time Nationals and probably what impressed me more than her college ready body and at the time I guess 6'2 height was her court presence and after watching her at this seasons Texas Invitational, her game as well as her height has continued to grow read more