Wednesday, July 6, 2016

#TwinNation bringing Showtime starting now

I'll never forget when I received a video from a professor at Texas A&M asking me to check out a couple of talented 8 year old players and what I actually thought about them. A few days later he asked me had I had a chance to look at it and I said yeah but I'm still waiting on the one with 8 year old players because these young ladies have to be in middle school. Okay embellishing the story just a tad, they weren't they were 9 and I immediately got back to him but I did say, Kiana and Brianna Suber had to be in middle school

Fast forward to now, the talented duo whose acrobatic shots hanging in the air as well as mid and long range baskets alone make them legitimate D1 prospects however when you throw in blocks and defense, high BB-IQ and the will to win as they've helped lead their Rudder HS to state once and almost pulled it off again last season, the icing on the cake for me is watching them throw alley-oops to one another. The talented twins are the draw, the place is Frisco where they're suiting up with Texas Elite Phenoms in the Super 64

Coaches in case you don't know who they are, use your IPADS and (or) smartphones and check out the link below filled with stories  on these talented young ladies or better yet, if you are where they are, see for yourself and remember where you heard about them but chances are you already now