Thursday, July 28, 2016

2016 Prime Time Nationals starts now #PTNBC16

I tweeted yesterday this would be my 5th Prime Time Nationals , I have correspondents covering the event, and I love saying I told you so. Five years ago I got my first glimpse of the Lady Houston Phenoms featuring Jazz Harris and Shannon Jones, I said both were legitimate D1 layers, they'll suit up for Houston & HBU this season and four years ago I saw some very talented players that I saw big things in their future as well, Dorian Branch (Houston) Cierra Johnson (Louisville, pictured below,  as well as Natalie Chou and Lauren Cox, pictured above, who are headed to Baylor

Cox, Chou and Johnson all made McDonald's All American teams and in this ARTICLE I mentioned there was no telling how high she would go, she was ranked #1 or #2 by every national scouting service however the previous day I said she had a shot at doing just that. That story initiated a club coach that ran up on me saying he couldn't understand how "these people" write this and that about kids and Cox would wind up being a good volleyball player and then he went on to tell me he coached high school ball for 30 years and he knew what he was talking about

I responded to the guy that I was "these people" and I'm sure you knew that and I appreciate the input however as far as your resume, I know people that have been mechanics for 30 years but their cars are always broke so just because you've been doing something a long time doesn't mean you're good at it. Always remember talent is everywhere and also remember you never know who's watching you, on or off the court and please don't get caught up in rankings, if you feel like you're better than someone above you, show it on the court and with that, let the games begin