Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Katy Rebels D'Addieco 2025 #PrimeTime

Preparation has become lost art, not to mention comprehension, but even more importantly grasping what's being taught all play a huge role in how successful you will be and this isn't just on the court so unless you hit the Lotto, remember that. I definitely hit my own Lotto covering Prime Time super youngsters and Katy Rebels D' Addieco definitely were all I had heard about. This young squad was serious before the game started and watching them in the pregame drills told me that they did not mind putting in the necessary work

 Ruke Ogbevire caught my eye immediately with her speed and able to control the ball with that speed but her athleticism and ability to get to the rim at this age, she's one of two 3rd graders, tells me a few things. Mackenzie Watson wears my daughters old club number and watching her create in traffic as well as attack from every angle was definitely something to see while Caitlyn D' Addieco gave me a glimpse at what's on the court, I'd seen her watching her older sister over the years but this young lady is ahead of the game

She too mixed athleticism and ability to get there and knows how to set defenders up plus she makes plays on both ends. Madison Presley can take em off the dribble, she and Maxwell Lauren also can create their own shots and again, at this age, this team definitely has the basics down and once you have the foundation, it's easy to build. Melinda Winston has size and athleticism , she goes after everything while Mackenzie Gilder and Julia Mlodzianowski join Winston as terrors on the inside. Chloe Howe, the other 2026 on the squad made some big plays on both ends while Dominique Puno already understands how to put the ball in the basket multiple ways