Sunday, July 3, 2016

'18 D'Asia Collins ready for circuit #GPRUnderTheRadar

I will never forget seeing that young Hybrid squad filled with I guess 8 and 9 year old players that I just knew would be among the best in their class, yeah I said it again and no I haven't been wrong yet. Let's see, Charli Collier, arguably the top 2018 player in the country, USA Team etc, etc and then you had "The Twins" as in Truong who are among the top 2019 players in Texas

You also had this small point guard that I immediately took an interest in simply because she never made the same mistake twice, she knew how to run a team and her poise under pressure, keep in mind she was 9, not only impressed me but also a couple of Texas A&M players when she attended their camp, I remember my daughter asking if I heard of her because she could play and of course I told her I had

Fast forward to now, she made the transition to HS with ease helping make Cy Ranch one of the teams to beat her first two seasons and in spite of injuries over those two seasons, they still did well and the game starts where. at the ONE. Cy Ranch has another run in them and the 2018 Collins will be in the mix but before we jump the gun or whatever clever phrase I'm trying to use, it's SHOWTIME in July!!!

Collins is one of the states top point guards, she's shown me in HS and club ball and she's doing it with AD Elite Peterson as they start the month off at the Super 64 in Frisco and then they head to Tennessee for the Battle in the Boro. Trust me on this one, she's definitely a D1 player that can control the tempo, play D and score when needed and again, I haven't been wrong yet