Monday, July 18, 2016

Texas Elite BCS Haby roll this weekend at Prime Time

They just seemed to jump out at you right off the top and when I say jump I mean just that. One of the Texas Elite teams from out of town made a tune-up trip to Prime Time and that alone was enough to get me to Texas Tornado facility. I hadn't seen Magan Haby for three years I imagine and what I remembered more than anything was that kid could shoot that ball, you know what it's been four years actually. Well that hadn't changed, she still puts it in at a very high percentage but her ability to a variety of other things including attack the basket and defend have definitely added to what all she can do

Raenett Hughes brings so much heat, even I was sweating just watching the pressure she applies on both ends of the court and when you talk about athleticism, she and Keekee Nowlin definitely have an abundance of that . Nowlin's length enables her to create problems on defense as she alters shots and rebounds and when you factor in her ability too score multiple ways, that's definitely a plus. So many bright spots on this team Haley Wilton adds size and the ability to score in the paint but she also scores facing the basket and rebounds

The game has and will always start at the one and I'll come back to Tra'Dayja Smith who simply left me speechless a couple of times, she'll be on the Tip Sheet and the more I watched Courtney Mass and Hannah Burlesson, the more they showed. Mass simply can create her shot against just about anyone and can shoot  the long ball and midrange consistently while Burlesson simply made plays and seemed to be wherever the ball was while rebounding and defending