Saturday, February 1, 2014

Space City Jammin off the top on day two

What's the one thing I always say that never fails? Actually there isn't just ONE thing however when I throw the #talentiseverywhere hashtag out, trust me and although I was well aware of several players I expected to do some damage at the Space City Jam, several others stepped up and we'll come back to that a little later. FEAST star and  McDonald's All American Recee Caldwell was simply unconscious in the opening game as she dropped seven three's and finished wit 31 points in their victory against SATCH.

Anna McCleod (15 points) and Madison Schenck (14 points) had five three's between them for SATCH McCleod dropping her three in the final quarter and this turned to be a very good game as FEAST appeared on their way to opening it up early but SATCH managed to come back, go up and it was simply back and forth throughout most of the game. Hannah Blair and Karley Patterson added 15 and 10 respectively for FEAST

FEAST faces HSAA North in the championship tonight at 6 pm in one of those games where I had a chance to take another look at the players from New Way and even though I knew they were talented when I covered their camp a few months ago, "ain't" nothing like game situation against talented players and HSAA North definitely has several. Sarah and Alyssa Williams, no relation, simply continue to amaze me and they along with Kayln Thomas and Tori Phillips simply got everything rolling early for HSAA

I was impressed with Roshanda Patterson legitimized her D1 ranking but the improvement I saw in not only Nia Smith and Cherlee Collins but Japeriah Wright sort of tells why they've been doing so well this season. They shoot a lot of threes and they weren't falling early but when they started, they actually got back into the game however HSAA was simply too strong and won going away

I think Rod Stewart said it best, well earlier, but "Tonight's The Night"