Saturday, February 8, 2014

GPR will always keep it real

When message boards were popular I enjoyed them because of the information that was out there and also the entertainment, this falls into the "good ole days" category. Nowadays social media is the thing, message boards are dead and kids are being blown up all over the place, some warranted some not but one tweet that has been taken caught my eye regarding where and who kids should play for.

Speaking from experience, I'm pretty confident about my ability to evaluate talent and since I've been involved in this stuff with my own daughter, it would be safe to assume that I probably know what I'm talking about. She played primarily with the same team for six season, team wasn't affiliated with Nike or Adidas yet by the time it was over she had over 100 scholarship offers, not letters, which included just about every BCS school

One summer she played against the Georgia Metros, a team with 12 D1 players including one of the greatest ever, Maya Moore. With wall to wall college coaches in the three digit area, she dropped about 7 threes from around the time line and finished with 40 plus. Immediately after  the game, then Tennessee head coach Pat Summit offered her a scholarship and made the comment, "I  had no idea she was that good" and since then they've started recruiting Texas a little harder

That statement alone from her stuck with me and is one of the reasons I started doing what I do because again, I could care less who you play for, a perfect example is Ariel Atkins, who I've been touting as one off the best players I've seen in my life over two years.

I'll keep making this statement about a lot of information being out there and the sad part about it is much of it is bad or doesn't apply to your daughter. The bottom line is this, "it's not what you do, it's who you do it against" and this applies to so many different things

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