Saturday, February 8, 2014

2014 4A Road To Campbell

I tweeted a few days ago something like if you can't be a throwback player, have a throwback player's mentality and understand what the most important season is about. I know my talking about this team should do this or that and some may view it as giving their opponents material to play harder against them, well here's my philosophy, if I say it, shouldn't the team I say it about play harder as well, that's a philosophical thought to ponder

That's what I mean about throwback mentality, they didn't care about "the chatter in the background" and if you understand me, you know I don't either and one of the players who is both a throwback player with throwback mentality is definitely Lamar Consolidated's Ann Nwosah, took me three years to spell her name right, but I knew her game from day one as a freshman

During the Spring Branch Tournament, I wrote had they not lost a player that transferred, they had a shot at getting out of here and she told me that state was her goal regardless. The McNeese State signee is capable of pulling an Ira Terrell who had a 50/50 game for Dallas Roosevelt back in the day but anyway, here ya go

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