Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nevitt turns heat up in Dekaney's win over Spring

My daughter taught briefly at Dekaney and had a discussion with me once about Kayla Nevitt. She told me how impressed she was with the young lady, how articulate she was and how she was one of her top students. Well the same can be said for her game as I knew this young lady was going to be a star back in middle school and when you wrap everything into her long and athletic six foot frame, Mississippi State has hit the Houston lotto again

Nevitt scored 25 in her teams 61-45 win over Spring. The Wildcats were down 12-10 after one however took control in the second quarter, expanded their lead in the third quarter and cruised to their victory Jaelyn Richard-Harris and Lauren Grigsby each added 10 points for Dekaney

I love going to games and have people tell me about new players they discovered, problem is I identify "the ones" at a very early age and I'm usually on the money. Brittany Smith and Bernesha Peters were like Nevitt,  legitimate stars and among the top players in their class when I caught them in the 7th
grade but I love hearing different takes anyway. Speaking of takes, Smith can simply take just about anyone off the dribble and get wherever she wants, it's just that simple.

The explosive Peters is lighting fast and can drain the long ball and proves yet another theory wrong about lightning not striking twice in the same place and with the addition of freshman GG Edwards, this team is still capable of making a run at the playoffs even though the top three appear to be Atascocita, they've already knocked off Dekaney and Klein Forest, who are the other two. Smith scored 17, Peters 15 and Edwards 10