Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Always verify before attending games

 I love hollering TEEEEEEEECEEEEEEEE at games because I think it irritates Sydney Coleman's younger sister and sometimes I just things to humor myself. I'm not humored by bad information, last night the Chronicle had Spring at Dekaney, well fortunately I had talked to some parents and they told me the game was at Spring. This type of stuff truly irritates the _____ out of me, especially when college coaches call and say they are looking for a particular game to attend

I've been complaining about this for years, along with wrong games times and had I not known who played on The Woodlands and College Park teams, that score from last night would have been the upset of the year. We all make mistakes, hey I have typos all the time, however I don't get paid to blog this stuff. I take the time to place links on this and that so the bottom line is this,  I can only provide the information that's out there TEEEEEEEEEEEECEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!