Monday, December 9, 2013

Last run for "The Chosen One"

The dumb things people try to say me never stops amazing me and last season, several commented to me "I guess you'll be going to state since your favorite team will be there" however one of my responses I can post was how ignorance was bliss since I've gone to state every year since 2006, the season my only favorite team should have been there. Anyway Clear Springs pulled a trifecta and beat Manvel three times to get to the F4 and once there, Brooke McCarty's shootout with AJ Alix was only eclipsed by the one at the O.K. Corral

Okay I'm babbling about last season, but check this. On their side of the bracket in the playoffs, providing they win, they are in pretty good shape to make another run at the F4, which would have them there each season during the McCarty era. D-17 runner up and third place teams might create issues but based on what's happened so far......

Brooke can drop 40 and probably 50 if she get's on a roll. Her 18 first quarter points, four threes included, show why 10 years ago I called her The Chosen One and at least three area F4's later, I'm loking even more brilliant. Okay maybe it was seven years ago but not only can she score, she ,makes her teammates better and is worth close to 20 without scoring a bucket

Paige Tippet came on strong offensively at Peggy Whitley and so did others including Mercedes Rogers along with freshmen Tasharian Robinson and Sierra Cheathanm. The frosh are growing up fast, I see dramatic improvement since "The Last Run" which ironically means maybe last seasons run wasn't the Chargers last. Brooke dropped 20 sumpin in their 67-64 loss to Cy Woods in the semis