Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2015 UTR Kayla showing Who's The Mack

Junior Kayla Mack has expanded her game over the past season for North Shore. I saw the improvement back in the summer when she was not only handling the ball C2C but hitting the long ball with amazing accuracy. The Mustangs have plenty of weapons and add Mack to the artillery as she might not get the high numbers but believe me her presence is definitely felt and needed  since the 5'10 multi-talented player is usually in the paint

Mack is also one of the key reasons you can throw those previous losses and margins they lost by out of the window because you only have to be the best team that particular game, pay attention, class is in session, I have seen some strange things happen over the years. Tonight Mack and her star teammates take on a very talented Cy Fair team at home