Tuesday, December 10, 2013

'15 "Who's The Mack" and rest of the Mustangs in Mansfield Rotary

When you're pulling down double-doubles, that will help your team be double trouble and North Shore's Kayla Mack has been on the attack since the summer. No she isn't six feet however she's battling player six feet and above under the basket that have been sign, sealed or delivered and her performance in the paint has me keeping my eyes open as she's coming from Under The Radar

FLASHBACH!!!! Mack back in middle school showed me that with hard work, she could be playing somewhere at the next level and she's been working hard and it's paying off as not only is she doing it in the paint, but from bta. Let me see, I'm guessing a potential match-up between "Da Shore and Da Fluge" is what I'll be watching on Friday December 27th