Tuesday, December 10, 2013

'15 Tana Driver showcasing skills in Mansfield Rotary

First I found out that Spring Creek was the new sponsor of the Mansfield Rotary now I just learned that Irving MacArthur is participating in the event which means I'll get a chance to see super point guard Tana Driver yet again in the school season. Driver has continued to prove "size doesn't matter" and with her high basketball IQ, tenacious defense, ability to run a team along with ball-handling and passing skills that can ignite a crows, it's no wonder why she's getting BCS buzz

The Under The Radar  Driver is only there because of her size, she has numerous offers on the table but each season, she keeps proving those who are in doubt completely wrong. She, along with her talented teammates will get yet another look by me on December 27th, in fact twice as I check the bracket